Gabrielle Union Wore the Trends of the Season in Head-to-Toe Miu Miu

Gabrielle Union wore a gorgeous head-to-toe Miu Miu look in a new Instagram post, which incorporated two of this season's biggest trend pieces.

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Gabrielle Union, you'll be aware, is a reliable provider of flawless ensembles. And her latest look might be one of her best yet! In a new Instagram post, Union wore a plaid shirt-jacket (or shacket, if you will) with crystal shoulder embellishment over a black crop top and high-waisted shorts, completing the look with brown track sole boots. The tags suggest almost the entire outfit was Miu Miu, with the exception of the Skims crop top.

Keen trend trackers will note Union incorporated two of the season's biggest trending styles into one outfit—the shacket, and the track sole boots. Keen Union trackers, meanwhile, will note this is her second stunning Miu Miu look in a single week, after she wore a sheer embellished skirt with a long-sleeved black cardigan to virtually attend the fashion house's latest runway show on Monday. A style icon if ever there was one!

Union wore the outfit to Marie Claire's Power On summit, the networking extravaganza that went virtual this year. In conversation with journalist Lola Ogunnaike—who penned Marie Claire's October cover story about her—Union said:

No one can take anything away from me at this point but my soul, and I'm the only one that is the keeper of my soul. So when I emptied that basket of f*cks, I was like, I'm going to always speak truth to power, I'm always going to lead from the front, I will always use myself as an example. Because if not me, then who? And I'd rather be this authentic, whole self and take some blows than a shell of myself and have hollow victories.

Union also took to Instagram Thursday to share her support for Proposition 16, which would overturn the ban on affirmative action in California if passed. In a video urging her followers to vote in favor of the proposition, she said, "The fight to dismantle systemic racism is on the ballot in California. COVID-19 and the economic shutdown has devastated Black communities, which are five times more likely to be hospitalised or die from COVID-19. Black unemployment is at an all-time high and Black businesses are struggling to survive."

"When we say Black Lives Matter, we have to mean it," Union continued. "That’s why I’m proud to join with everyone from vice presidential candidate and senator Kamala Harris and governor Gavin Newsome to the California NAACP and the founders of Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, and the California Teacher’s Association, to vote yes on Prop 16."


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