Gigi Hadid Shared the First Family Photo With Zayn Malik and Their Daughter

Gigi Hadid shared a family photo with Zayn Malik and their new daughter on Instagram for Halloween—the first full glimspe of baby Hadid-Malik.

Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik
(Image credit: Getty Images, Dominique Charriau)

We've got our first full photo of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's new daughter! Over the weekend, Hadid shared a sweet photo of Malik cradling their baby while she looks on adoringly, the whole family kitted out in Halloween costumes (Hadid dressed as Zero Suit Samus from the Metroid game series, Malik was a Slytherin from the Harry Potter universe, while baby Hadid-Malik, adorably, was the Hulk.) Observe:

Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik

(Image credit: Instagram, @gigihadid)

Baby Zigi's face isn't visible in the photo, you'll note, covered by an on-theme GIF of the Hulk. Hadid and Malik have seemingly pledged to keep their new daughter's life as private as possible: The little one's name has yet to be revealed, while only her hand (and a fraction of her body) is visible in the photo her parents shared to announce her birth. Which is a pretty understandable move when you're as high-profile as Gigi and Zayn!

The arrival of baby Zigi has strengthened Hadid and Malik's relationship, insiders say. "Zayn and Gigi’s relationship is better than ever—their communication, the time they spend together," a source told Us Weekly recently. "They’ve never looked happier."

Shortly after the new baby's arrival, another source told E! that Hadid and Malik were "in the best place right now." The insider continued, "Zayn was very emotional when their baby girl was born," adding, "It was an emotional and special moment for him. He expressed that he is forever changed and would never disappoint her or Gigi. He wants to be the best father possible and is so excited." Adorable!

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