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Jewel Has Some Great Stories Behind Her Eclectic Jewelry Collection

Like her necklace made from bird bones.

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Singer and songwriter Jewel has plenty to share when it comes to her accessories collection. For the latest episode of Precious Metals, the star walks us through her favorite pieces, from a necklace her son, Kase, made her to a diamond ring that her mother bought her. Most of the pieces that are special to Jewel, as she shares in the video above, are not "expensive"—rather, they hold an emotional connection for her.

One such piece is a rose necklace her grandmother gave her, which Jewel wore to the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. The musician shares that because she was raised on a homestead in Alaska, she wasn't used to getting all dressed up. While everyone was dressed to the nines, Jewel wore jeans and a vest—"I felt really authentic and I felt really good," she says. "For me, the significance of the roses was about allowing myself to continually bloom in life."

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The star goes on to share that her taste in jewelry is "eclectic," just like the way she dresses and in her music tastes, too. There is one piece in her collection, however, that is more bling than DIY, and that's a ring her mother bought her. Jewel speaks on the significance of that piece and how it reflected the relationship between her and her mother, which is discussed in Jewel's memoir Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story.

Perhaps the most intriguing and fun fact that Jewel shared was that because her father made jewelry—you might have seen him on the show Alaska: The Last Frontier—she picked up this passion. One of her first side hustles was making moose poop jewelry, which she says to look up, which, of course, we did. (It's a real thing.) To see her talk more about this unexpected hobby, and to check out the rest of her jewelry collection, watch the video above. Then, pick up Jewel's re-issue of her album Pieces of You, out now, and use marieclaire20 to shop Jewel's own jewelry line.

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