Queen Naija Shows Off Her Favorite Jewelry in "Precious Metals"

Like the earrings Mary J. Blige gave her.

Queen Naija Precious Metals
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

In the latest episode of Precious Metals, we get a peek into musician Queen Naija's life. Queen Naija, who recently released her album MissUnderstood, shares her favorite jaw-dropping pieces of jewelry, most of which her boyfriend, Clarence White, gifted her. "Jewelry can be special based on who gave it to you and the reason why they gave it to you," she says.

For the star, one of her most prized possessions is a Tiffany & Co necklace featuring two hearts, which she received for her birthday in 2018. "I had just finished doing a show and he gave me this gift. I didn't care that it was a real diamond, it was just the fact he gave it to me because I was so in love with him. You know that first feeling when you just fell in love?" she says.

The singer goes on to reveal White has gifted her other memorable pieces such as her first watch, which she calls a "baby Rolex," and a diamond tennis bracelet that reflects her love for dainty jewelry. However, there is one piece that is anything but minimal and it's a pair of earrings Mary J. Blige gave Queen Naija from her own line. Watch the video, above, to see the big reveal.

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