John Legend Left a NSFW Comment on Chrissy Teigen's Instagram Photo

After Chrissy Teigen shared an underwear photo on Instagram Monday, husband John Legend responded with an ever-so-slightly explicit comment.

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Pass me the smelling salts, for a married man has made a suggestive comment towards his wife in a public setting! Oh, the impropriety! It's all too much to bear!

The married man in question: John Legend, who took wife Chrissy Teigen by surprise with an ever so slightly NSFW comment on her Instagram photo Monday. Allow me to set the scene! Teigen posted a photo of herself cuddling the family's poodle, Petey, while wearing a bra, high-waisted briefs, and fuzzy socks. "fuck it!" she captioned the post. Legend spotted an opportunity and seized it, commenting, "Don't mind if I do."

Teigen was somewhat taken aback by Legend's unusually NSFW comment, responding, "hoooooooooooly shit dude !!!!!!!!" And thus ends the exchange!

In other Teigen-Legend news: A recent family photoshoot didn't exactly go to plan, Teigen revealed on Twitter over the weekend. Sharing a hilarious outtake of a less than happy Miles, she tweeted, "Family shoot went...right as I thought it would, actually." In the snap, a crying Miles attempts to crawl away from the camera as Teigen tries to hold him in position, a scene painfully familiar to anyone who has either a. attempted to take a nice photo with a child or b. been a child themselves. 

To rub salt into the wound, Miles later posed like a pro for a subsequent photo, except the only available camera was Teigen's iPhone. "Then this happened!!! On my PHONE of course," she tweeted. Miles! I have to applaud your sense of timing!


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