Joe Alwyn Co-Wrote 3 Songs on Taylor Swift's Surprise New Album 'Evermore'

What a songwriting duo!

Looks like Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn—sorry, William Bowery—have become quite the productive songwriting duo! After co-writing two songs on Swift's July album folklore, Alwyn was credited on a further three songs on her surprise release evermore, which dropped at midnight. Under the pseudonym William Bowery, of course.

As Entertainment Tonight reports, Alwyn received a co-writing credit on evermore tracks "champagne problems," "coney island" (featuring The National), and title track "evermore," which features Bon Iver. That's three more tracks to add to Alwyn/Bowery's discography, which formerly consisted of folklore songs "exile" and "betty."

When Swift first announced the impending release of evermore on Thursday, fans got very excited about the still she shared from the music video for "willow," in which she wears an ivory satin and lace gown and a floral headpiece. The Swifties' assumption? That Swift and Alwyn were engaged or even married, and all would be revealed when the album dropped.

As Elle reports, however, that didn't quite transpire. Swift explained in a subsequent tweet that evermore, like "sister record" folklore, conveyed both "imaginary" and "not imaginary tales," meaning it's difficult to read any lyrics as directly indicative of Swift and Alwyn's relationship status. "Before I knew it there were 17 tales, some of which are mirrored or intersecting with one another," Swift wrote about the album's inception.

Swifties desperate for an engagement might have to wait a bit longer, it seems—but honestly, isn't a fruitful songwriting partnership so much better?

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