Princess Diana Casually Dazzled Onlookers While Playing Piano in This Rare Clip From Her Australia Tour

    • During the visit, Charles' old cello teacher asked him to play a little for the crowd, which he did.
      • Diana, an accomplished pianist, wowed the crowd by sitting down at a piano and playing some of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

        Princess Diana was a woman of many, many talents. Need proof? (Or, you know, further proof, since literally everything you already know about her also confirms this fact.) How about this unearthed, rare video from her 1988 tour of Australia that's making the rounds on the internet, in which the Princess of Wales casually sits down at a piano and wows the crowd like it's NBD? Yeah, that'll do it.

        Marie Claire Magazine

        In the clip, she and Prince Charles are visiting with a group of musicians at the Music College of the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia when Charles' former cello teach asks him to play a few notes—you know, for old time's sake. Charles agrees and plays a little cello and it's very cute in the way any adult playing an instrument they played as a kid is adorable.

        Then, magic happens. Diana, clad in a stunning black and white striped suit and large white hat, sits at a piano and starts playing Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 like it's no thing.

        “She almost ran for cover, clearly embarrassed at her musical debut," the announcer on the old clip explains. Diana had no reason to be embarrassed though, since she studied piano in her school years and was considered an accomplished pianist.

        Check out the vintage clip for yourself below:

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