Prince William Will "Have a Problem With Harry Trying to Take Ownership of Diana's Legacy," Biographer Says

Prince William probably takes issue with Prince Harry's attempts to "take ownership of Diana's legacy," a royal biographer says.

  • There could be more rough times ahead for Prince William and Prince Harry, according to at least one royal expert.
  • In a new interview, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe explained how Harry's use of their late mother, Princess Diana's, likeness and his "ownership" of her legacy could upset William.
  • "I think William will be concerned with that…Harry trying to take ownership of the Diana Legacy will be a problem," Larcombe said, adding that the overlap between the charitable works the brothers and their wives do could also cause issues.

Prince William and Prince Harry's brotherly woes might not be totally behind them, it seems. The latest report about the future of the royal brothers' relationship suggests that the legacy of their late mother, Princess Diana, might be a sticking point in the future.

In an interview with True Royalty TV's Royal Beat, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, explained that William might feel the need to intervene if Harry takes "ownership" of their mother's legacy for commercial ventures. Apparently, Harry's use of a photo of himself and Diana in his and his wife, Meghan Markle's, New Year's letter on their Archewell website has caused this latest ~concern~.

"I think William will be concerned with that…Harry trying to take ownership of the Diana Legacy will be a problem," Larcombe said, according to the Daily Mail.  "Because there is money involved, it isn’t a charitable thing."

The royal expert also predicted that the overlap between Harry and Meghan's charitable work through Archewell and the work that William and his wife, Kate Middleton, do through their own charities and patronages could cause conflict, as well.

"Harry doing mental health, Harry doing conservation, these are the issues that William and Kate want to do—that’s where I predict tensions. Heads Together was also Kate’s Idea," Larcombe added.

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