Leonardo DiCaprio's Malibu House Was Filled With 'Titanic' Memorabilia

Leonardo DiCaprio's Malibu beach house was once reportedly decorated in tribute to Titanic, according to interior designer Megan Weaver.

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio's Malibu beach house was reportedly decorated in tribute to the movie that made him a star: Titanic.
  • Interior designer and former Flipping Out star Megan Weaver said she stayed at the house in the '90s, where she discovered the themed decor.
  • "Everything was Titanic," Weaver said on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast."Titanic towels, Titanic posters, Titanic everywhere."
  • Alas, Weaver said the decor was probably the work of DiCaprio's mom.

I'm excited to inform you that I've officially discovered my new favorite celebrity story: Back in the '90s, Leonardo DiCaprio's Malibu beach house was positively stuffed with Titanic memorabilia, according to interior designer and former Flipping Out star Megan Weaver. Speaking on David Yontef's podcast Behind The Velvet Ropeas People reports, Weaver said she stayed at said beach house in the '90s while working for DiCaprio, and experienced the Titanic decor firsthand.

"When I was working for Leo, his mom let me—his mom was so sweet—let me stay at his beach house in Malibu for the weekend. I was dating somebody who was living in Canada, having a long-distance relationship and he came to town, and so they let me have the beach house," Weaver said.

"I didn't tell him where we were going and we walk into this beach house and everything was Titanic," Weaver continued. "Titanic towels, Titanic posters, Titanic everywhere. And so [my boyfriend] did look at me and was like, 'Is this Leo's house?' And I was like, 'Yes this is Leo's house.' So that was pretty amazing."

Sadly, Weaver said she suspected DiCaprio himself wasn't responsible for the Titanic themed home. "I don't think that's something he would do now, but back then... again, this was like the '90s. I think the film wasn't even that old [yet]," she noted. "It was also not his main house, and he hardly went there, so I think it was probably his mom who did it."

Alas, DiCaprio reportedly put the Malibu beach home on the market for $10.95 million in 2016, Forbes reports. But there's still hope: The Los Angeles Times reported in 2017 that after failing to secure a buyer, he put it up for lease for $25,000 a month. Leonardo, a humble plea: Don't sell that beach house. Take a soothing dip in the sea then dry off with a Titanic towel. Fall asleep each night under a gallery of Titanic posters. Titanic is forever, Leo! Titanic is forever! 


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