John Legend Adorably Danced With Luna While Dressed as the Easter Bunny

John Legend shared an especially adorable video on Instagram over the weekend, in which he dances with daughter Luna while dressed as the Easter Bunny.

  • John Legend danced with his daughter Luna while dressed as the Easter Bunny this weekend.
  • In a clip shared on Instagram, Legend-as-Easter-Bunny spins his daughter around as Estelle's "American Boy" plays.
  • Luna wasn't fooled, however: In the clip, she points at the Easter Bunny and says, "Haha! You're Daddy!"

If you're feeling a little emotionally delicate this Monday morning, allow me to warn you right now that this article is not for you, unless you're particularly into crying on the company wide Zoom call. Absolute cutest dad John Legend shared an especially adorable video with 4-year-old Luna Stephens over the weekend, in which the dad and daughter duo share a dance. Oh, and one more small detail: Legend is dressed as the Easter Bunny.

The Teigen-Legends celebrated Easter a week early, by the looks of things: The family decorated their deck with giant Easter eggs, bunnies, and carrots, while Legend took the starring role of Easter Bunny in a fluffy white costume. In a video Legend shared on Instagram Saturday, Legend-as-Easter-Bunny holds his daughter's hands as she steps onto his legs, and spins her around as Estelle's "American Boy" (which Legend helped write) plays in the background.

Luna wasn't fooled by her dad's disguise, however, hence Legend's caption: "She knew it was me." In the clip, after she steps down from her dad's legs, she points at him and says, "Haha! You're Daddy!" All of this! All of this is so cute!

Chrissy Teigen also shared a moment with the Easter Bunny, as both she and Legend posted snaps of her sitting on her husband's knee, wearing a floaty blue dress. "She suspected it was me as well. Perhaps it was the @lve_wines," Legend captioned his post, referring to the bottle of his own wine he holds in the snap. Teigen, who shared four photos on her own Instagram, captioned her post, "my bunny." Again: cute!

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