Kate Middleton Made a Common Mistake Shoe Shopping With Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte out shopping for shoes for school in 2018 and forgot to have them bring socks to try on new shoes.

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  • It's easy to assume that Kate Middleton never makes mistakes—the royal mom of three is incredibly poised and intelligent and, has an overall Mary Poppins-esque quality (in that she's practically perfect in every way).
  • Kate has actually been very open about her own struggles and parenting hurdles over years and The Mirror recently shared a very relatable example of Kate making a common busy mom mistake.
  • In 2018, when she took Prince George and Princess Charlotte shopping for back-to-school shoes, Kate forget to have the kids (who were wearing sandals at the time) bring socks to wear while trying on their school shoes and had to borrow socks from the department store.

Kate Middleton usually seems like super mom, but the Duchess of Cambridge has actually been super open about her own parenting struggles over the years. Some of those struggles are serious and big picture and others are the kinds of common, daily hurdles that moms around the world deal with every day. If you need a little moment to help you center yourself and remember that even royals have "wow, how could I forget that" kind of moments, you've tapped on the right post. 

This story actually takes place back in 2018 when, according to a recent report from The Mirror, Kate even made a common mom mistake when she took her oldest kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, shopping for school shoes. 

Apparently, Kate took George and Charlotte to get fitted for their school shoes, but hit a snafu that hundreds (thousands? Millions?) of other parents have run into before (and after and simultaneously with) her: She forgot to bring socks for the kids to wear during the try-on process.

A source told the story to Hello!, explaining that George and Charlotte were wearing season-appropriate sandals when they arrived at the Peter Jones department store in London with Kate to shop for their school shoes. The store had Kate's back (again, along with the backs of plenty of other parents/even adults who are just struggling sometimes to care for themselves, let alone tinier humans) and let the young royals borrow socks for the fitting.

George and Charlotte are still on their summer vacation at the moment, but both are currently expected to return to Thomas's Battersea in London when the school year starts in the fall.

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