A Clip of Harry and Meghan Was Reportedly Booed at a British Awards Show

The video was from the couple's interview with Oprah.

Harry & Meghan
(Image credit: Getty Images ¦ Chris Jackson)

The National Television Awards—basically England’s Emmys—happened this week, filmed at London’s massive, 20,000-capacity O2 Arena and broadcast live on ITV. But what viewers at home didn’t see was a moment involving a clip of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that shocked some audience members.

The royals weren’t in attendance to the star-studded awards (though there’s speculation that they’ll attend the Emmys in the U.S. as Oprah's dates this year), but their presence was very much felt. During a compilation of the year’s biggest TV moments, a clip of the pair’s infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey got some air time. But, according to the Daily Mail, people watching the TV broadcast weren’t privy to what was happening in the stadium: That the audience reportedly started booing when Harry and Meghan appeared on-screen.

Speaking to two sources—one of whom the Mail describes as “a celebrity who asked not to be named"—the site reports that there were jeers from the crowd directed toward the couple’s images. “Some shouted out and there was laughing,” said the unnamed celeb source. “There were a few embarrassed faces but sadly Meghan was obviously not too popular on the night.”

Another source, described as someone in attendance in the audience at the NTA show, said that when the clip appeared, “Immediately, there was audible booing throughout the arena. It was as though they were pantomime villains.”

The Harry and Meghan sit-down interview with Oprah earlier this year, in which the couple revealed allegations of racism, in-fighting, and family tension about Meghan’s role in the royal family, sparked controversy and conversation all over the world. The Daily Mail article suggests the reported NTA booing incident reveals Harry and Meghan’s waning popularity in the UK, as the couple remain lightning rods for controversy across the pond. In the U.S., though, they remain rather beloved, so it seems unlikely that their presence at the Emmys (if it happens) would be met with any kind of vitriol.

And besides, even if some people didn’t like the revelations the interview unveiled, Prince Harry reportedly doesn’t regret taking part in it in the slightest.

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