Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Made Out a Bunch in NYC

He flew out specially.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez hold hands as they walk
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I have an extremely legit scientific theory about how you know that a celebrity couple is blissfully in love: They couldn't care less about being followed by photographers.

And Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck? They are so incredibly in love. It's just science.

The pair was spotted engaging in incredible amounts of PDA this past weekend in New York City, caring not one bit that cameras were in their faces. They stepped out for a walk around town on Sept. 26, during which they held hands, laughed uproariously at each other's jokes, generally goofed around... and made out a whole bunch. For this very important occasion, Lopez donned a perfect fall look: a green plaid maxi dress with a matching coat. Affleck wore a dark gray wool jacket and jeans. See for yourself:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walk while holding hands

(Image credit: Gotham/Getty Images)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez enjoy walk

(Image credit: Gotham/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck smile and laugh as they embrace

(Image credit: Gotham/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hold each other close and kiss

(Image credit: Gotham/Getty Images)

Ooh la la!

Affleck had flown in to NYC specially to watch his belle perform at Global Citizen Live on Sept. 25, a charity concert for COVID-19 relief.

"Jennifer and Ben were apart for a few days earlier this week," a source told People. "They met up in N.Y.C. yesterday. Ben wanted to be by her side and attended the event. He watched her perform. They are always supportive of each other's careers. Ben has to be in Texas to film this coming week." See, told you they're head over heels.

After the concert, the lovebirds were spotted leaving hand-in-hand, with Lopez in an oversized "J-Lo" t-shirt, ripped boyfriend jeans and some dangerous-looking heeled sandals. Here's Affleck helping her down some stairs:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hold hands as they walk down a flight of stairs

(Image credit: Robert Kamau/Getty Images)

I wish these two a lifetime of happiness.

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