Kate Middleton Happily Held a Tarantula Named Charlotte

Aaand Prince William held a snake.

duke and duchess
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had an eventful trip to Northern Ireland, to say the least. Kate Middleton donned the most amazing purple suit and navy pumps to visit Ulster University in Derry/Londonderry with her husband (who also wore a suit, but what else is new), and meet some students.

duke and duchess

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Something else they met? Why, a tarantula with the same name as their daughter, of course. But where I would have run a mile, Middleton flinched not one bit as she held the animal in the palm of her hand, a massive grin on her face. So she's not just a duchess, she's also a damn hero—whereas her husband smiled through gritted teeth, one safe step behind her, which seems more like it TBH. Sharing a photo of the moment on Twitter, they wrote, "A surprise guest appearance from Charlotte the tarantula."


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Prince William didn't totally chicken out, though, as he got to handle a snake. Granted, he didn't exactly look at ease with the reptile, but like, he also didn't faint. Gotta celebrate the small wins.


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During their tour of the university, Middleton also enjoyed a dainty half-pint of Guinness.


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Posting photos from their visit on Instagram, the Cambridges wrote, "It's lovely to see @UlsterUni students reunited with each other on campus!

"Having spent the day hearing from the student union and being reconnected with nursing students from earlier in the year, it’s inspiring to see how young people are promoting inclusivity following the pandemic in Northern Ireland.

"@UlsterUni is continuing to develop a new generation of healthcare workers, including those doctors in the new School of Medicine, who will work in Northern Ireland and beyond once their studies are complete."

While in Derry/Londonderry, the couple also played some rugby and some soccer.


(Image credit: Getty/Chris Jackson)
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