The Actors Playing Young Harry and William in ‘Spencer’ Are Exact Look-Alikes

Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in the buzz-worthy new film.

(Image credit: Getty/John Phillips)

We really couldn’t be more excited to finally see Spencer, the Kristen Stewart-starring film about Princess Diana. From the dreamy trailer to the rave reviews, this film looks to have done right by the People’s Princess (even if some members of the royal family will reportedly not be too pleased by the portrayal). But these pictures from the movie’s UK premiere this week have really sealed our enthusiasm, because Stewart posed on the red carpet with the two young actors set to play Prince William and Prince Harry and they are truly spitting images of their real-life counterparts when they were kids.

Spencer cast

(Image credit: Getty/John Phillips)

The film, directed by Pablo Larrain (who also directed the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis biopic Jackie, starring Natalie Portman), follows a weekend in 1991 around Christmas at Sandringham House, the royal estate in Norfolk, England. It also portrays the events leading up to when Diana decided to seek a divorce from Prince Charles. The actor playing Prince William is Jack Nielen, a 12-year-old English actor with just the one credit to his name so far, according to IMDB. Freddie Spry, who plays Harry, is ten and was previously a child judge on Lego Masters, which is simply adorable.

Stewart has spoken in interviews about how taxing it was to prepare for her performance (including hiring a dialect coach), and even said that she felt some “spooky, spiritual feelings” during the filming that made her feel that Diana had given her “the sign-off” to portray her.

Whatever she did, it seems to be working: She’s already picking up some Oscar buzz for this movie. Spencer hits theaters November 5.

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