Kristen Stewart Got a Standing Ovation for Her Princess Diana Portrayal

The actress looked like she was holding back tears at the 'Spencer' Venice Film Festival screening.

Kristen Stewart at Venice Film Festival
(Image credit: Getty Images ¦ Franco Origlia)

Kristen Stewart was in Venice for the premiere of Spencer, the much-anticipated new movie in which she plays Princess Diana (and which we couldn’t be any more excited about). And judging by the early reviews, it sounds like this movie is going to be everything we’d hoped it would. One critic who was lucky enough to see the film before all of us got to called it “magnificent,” while another reviewer called Stewart’s portrayal of the beloved royal was “bracing, bitter, moving, and altogether stunning.”

If Venice is any indication, Spencer will more than live up to its buzz. And now there’s even video, of Stewart receiving a standing ovation after the festival screening. Wearing an adorable mint green frock-and-pants combo, she takes her seat to wild applause from the crowd and even looks like she’s trying to stop herself from crying at one point:

Is anyone else getting a little emotional watching that? After all, at just 31, Stewart has had a long and varied career in Hollywood—like, this is the same girl who was in Twilight? The range! Now it looks like she’s finally getting the Oscar-worthy performance she deserves.

If you’re not up to speed on what we know about the movie so far, Spencer takes place over the course of three days in the lives of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, chronicling the final breaking point of their marriage before their divorce.. Check out the trailer for the new film here:

Spencer hits theaters November 5.

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