Adele Was Asked About Her "Body Count" on Instagram Live, And She Was Super Confused

This was probably the best outcome, TBH.

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After years of life on the DL, Adele is back, baby. The straight-talking singer is blessing us with a brand new album at long last, and—in the run-up to its release on Oct. 15—she is promoting it on some pretty large platforms. Not only is Adele this month's cover star for both Vogue and British Vogue, but she also went live on Instagram for the first time ever to answer fans' most pressing questions.

In case you missed the star's live appearance, Insta account @loveofhuns posted some of the most iconic moments from it, for your viewing pleasure. One such moment came when one very bold fan asked Adele what her body count was. "What's my body count? What does that mean?" she answered, with a look of utter confusion on her face. Honestly, I'm glad she'd never heard the expression before, because that could have been pretty awkward.

Adele also had to disappoint a fan who politely enquired about her adopting them. "I don't think I can legally adopt you, no, sorry," she said. When asked what got her through lockdown, she didn't have a second's hesitation before answering, "my favorite thing to do during lockdown was drink wine. Obviously."

The singer also kindly filled us in on her food, TV and music preferences, before sharing a snippet of a song off her upcoming album, titled "Easy on Me." She had previously posted a promo clip of the song on social media, but this time we were also treated to some vocals.

Welcome back, Adele. We sure missed you.

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