Prince William Revealed the Adorable Family Photos He Keeps in His Office

During an interview, eagle-eyed viewers took note of the sweet pictures.

london, england september 09 prince william, duke of cambridge marks emergency services day at dockhead fire station on september 9, 2021 in london, england emergency services day takes place annually on september 9th to pay tribute those working and volunteering in the emergency services and the nhs across the country photo by dominic lipinski wpa poolgetty images
(Image credit: WPA Pool)

Prince William’s candid, fiery interview with BBC Newscast this week in anticipation of the inaugural Earthshot Prize has given viewers much to think about when it comes to the Prince’s views on climate change, responsibility, and giving back to the planet. Like how he put billionaires on blast for engaging in a space race when their money could be better used saving the planet we already have. Or his recollections of Prince George’s anger toward litterbugs.

But while we were poring over what Prince William was saying, we almost missed where he was saying it: Namely, in his home office at Buckingham Palace. And according to the website Good To, some viewers noted that there are some really sweet photos of Kate Middleton and the rest of the family placed proudly around the room. (Watch the video below and see what you notice.)

The romantic marriage photo on the mantle is a shot by photographer Chris Floyd, from Prince William's and Kate Middleton’s 10th wedding anniversary earlier this year. They posted the photo to their shared Instagram account this past April:

And of course there are pictures of the kids. In front-and-center on the table behind William is this sweet shot of Prince George with Prince William’s late grandfather, Prince Philip, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 99. The photo was also posted on their Instagram and credited to Prince William and Kate Middleton as the photographers:

Though he didn't strictly call attention to the photos during the interview, having them displayed so proudly in his office during the chat is a very sweet, subtle gesture.

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