Andrew Garfield Disses Beyoncé, Pays a Fatal Price

Let this be a cautionary tale.

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This weekend, Saturday Night Live satirized us. And by us, we mean all the diehard Beyoncé fans out there.

It all began with host Andrew Garfield and his famous last words, "not a huge fan of that one Drunk in Love song." From that point on, The Amazing Spiderman 2 star's life as he knew it was changed forever. He was banished from the land and hunted down by the ever-fearsome Beygency, an ominous group of men in suits and fedoras who are merciless when it comes to those who don't worship at the altar of Queen Bey. They don't waste a second before putting Garfield to werk.

Let this be a cautionary tale. You don't say anything bad about Beyoncé, understood?

Lauren Valenti
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