Anne Hathaway, 41, Says She Was Told Her Career "Would Fall Off a Cliff" at 35

Joke's on them, TBH.

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Anne Hathaway is 41 years old, and her career is going great.

But according to the Les Misérables star, Hollywood executives weren't always confident that she could have such a long and illustrious career as a woman in the industry.

"When I started out [in this industry] as a child, I was warned that my career would fall off a cliff at the age of 35, which is something I know a lot of women face," Hathaway revealed in a new interview with NET-A-PORTER’s digital title PORTER.

"The thing that has evolved during [that time] is that more women are having careers deeper into their lives, which I think is fantastic."

But the actress isn't under any illusion that our work is done when it comes to women being valued beyond an arbitrary age.

"Obviously, it doesn’t mean we should have a ticker tape parade," she continued. "Someone said this to me the other day: 'There’s so much to be proud of and there’s so much to fix.'"

The actress' first role was on the TV series Get Real between 1999 and 2000, and she became a household name after her star turn on 2001's The Princess Diaries.

Over two decades later, Hathaway spoke to PORTER to mark the upcoming release of her movie Eileen on Dec. 1. In the meantime, she has starred in Ocean's Eight, Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rises and many more major movies.

All that to say: There are no cliffs in sight for Hathaway, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we should keep it that way for decades to come. Please and thank you!

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