In a Wild Turn of Events, The Voice Actress for Bart Simpson Is Sabrina Carpenter's Aunt

That's that me, eat my shorts.

Actress Nancy Cartwright and daughter arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of "Happy Feet Two" held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on November 13, 2011 in Hollywood, California
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First things first, the voice actress for Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright, is a grown woman and not a small boy.

But that's not where the shockers end when it comes to Cartwright, because the Emmy-winning star has just confirmed that she is in fact the aunt of popstar of the summer (and beyond, obvs) Sabrina Carpenter.

Cartwright took to TikTok on Tuesday, and answered the fan question, "Is Sabrina Carpenter your niece?"

She said, "Yeah, absolutely! Isn't that amazing, when you find out that somebody that—maybe you've known me for a little while, doing this little 10-year-old boy for, like, 35-some years, and some of you guys for, like, way less than that—find out that I'm related to this, like, superstar. She's pretty amazing."


♬ original sound - Nancy Cartwright

Talk of "nepo babies" aside, commenters were obsessed with this new piece of information.

"Sabrina Carpenter is related to Bart Simpson, Ay, caramba!" wrote one person.

"Can we hear Bart sing espresso?! PLEASEEEEE," begged another fan. (While this request hasn't been heeded yet, you can watch Bridgerton's Luke Newton do a dramatic reading of the "Espresso" lyrics as a tolerable consolation prize.)

One reason it took so long for us to cop on that Cartwright and Carpenter are related is that they've only been pictured at an industry event together once, at the Happy Feet Two premiere in 2011, when the "Please Please Please" singer had yet to be cast in her breakout role on Girl Meets World.

At the time, Carpenter, who was 12, had only made an appearance on an episode of Law & Order and on the video game Just Dance Kids 2, per iMDb. Fast forward 13 years and she's literally stealing no. 1 spots on the charts from herself.

As for Cartwright, she has been voicing Bart since 1989 (!!!) and has won three Primetime Emmys for her work on The Simpsons. Ay, caramba indeed.


♬ original sound - Nancy Cartwright
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