The Most Eagerly Anticipated Met Gala Celebrity Regulars

Style icons with the Met track records to match.

met gala janelle monae
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The Met Gala, also known as a "haute couture fundraising festival," brings a special level of pageantry to its red carpet. Arguably fashion's biggest night, celebrities and designers take the opportunity to debut some of the most dazzling custom looks seen all year. While some stars have graced the Met Gala red carpet just once or twice, other lucky attendees are blessed to receive invites year after year.

We're talking about the icons who have attended the Met Gala many times and always bring sartorial greatness to the red carpet, from Zendaya and Rihanna to Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively. There are also some names on here that may surprise you—stars who have quietly been serving up beautiful looks over the Met Gala's extended history. Ahead, the best-dressed celebrity regulars in Met Gala history.

Taylor Swift

met gala taylor swift

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Taylor Swift first attended the Met Gala in 2008, and her style's really evolved since then. Swift has never been afraid to experiment, and her gowns have ranged from simple and sweet, to enormous ballgowns (this one's from 2014), to short minidresses and lace-up heels.

Nicole Kidman

met gala nicole kidman

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Nicole Kidman has hosted the Met Gala more than once, but she hasn't attended as often as some of the people on this list. Her first appearance in 2005 was in custom Chanel, and her looks have only gotten better: this, from 2024, is a recreation of a 1950s Balenciaga dress.

Zoë Kravitz

met gala Zoë Kravitz

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From the time that she started attended the Met Gala in 2008, Zoë Kravitz has pretty consistently given us unique red carpet looks. The evolution of her Met Gala style is pretty representative of her evolution as an actor; this 2015 chain-link-inspired look is the turning point that would take her in an edgier, cooler direction.

Mindy Kaling

met gala Mindy kaling

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Mindy Kaling first attended the Met Gala in 2013 in a beautiful, architectural white dress—which pretty much set the bar high for the rest of her many appearances. This one, from 2024, is called the "melting flower of time" and is a strong showing for the stylish star.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

met gala the olsens

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The Olsen twins are capital f Fashionable, so it makes sense that their first Met Gala appearance would have been at only 18 years old. It's a real treat to watch their evolution from teen stars to grown-up style icons (this appearance is from 2019) who wear a ton of their own vintage gowns.

Emma Chamberlain

met gala emma chamberlain

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Emma Chamberlain has been to the Met Gala several years in a row, and she's basically a fixture on the red carpet. If you recognize this gown, it's the one she was wearing when she conducted a bunch of red carpet interviews, including her now-infamous exchange with Jack Harlow.

Chloe Sevigny

met gala Chloe sevigny

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Chloë Sevigny has been to the Met Gala many times, usually showing off her unique and avant-garde style. She explained that this 2024 look incorporates "a lot of hair and an homage to the Victorians, and in the Victorian era, how they celebrated their loved ones who passed away by making ornaments and jewelry out of their dead or their loved one’s hair.”

Emily Ratajkowski

met gala Emily Ratajkowski

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EmRata is a Met Gala regular who regularly graces us with the sheerest gowns on the red carpet. But I'm actually quite partial to this Vera Wang from 2021, in which she paid homage to the designer's bridal collection for the "A Lexicon of Fashion" theme.

Katy Perry

met gala katy perry

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While AI-generated photos of Katy Perry going to the Met Gala went viral in 2024, the star herself has graced that red carpet many times. It makes sense that this 2018 Versace would have literal wings (the theme was "Heavenly Bodies," after all), and Perry got into character by kneeling and even praying on the red carpet.

Serena Williams

met gala serena williams

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The Met Gala is Serena Williams' red carpet: everyone else is just walking on it. The star has gone to the event as co-chair, and even debuted her 2023 pregnancy there, but my favorite look remains this furry cape from 2021—with husband Alexis Ohanian looking on with admiration and delight.

Jennifer Lopez

met gala jennifer lopez

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In 2024, Jennifer Lopez made her 14th(!) Met Gala red carpet appearance. Fittingly, she appeared in this pseudo-winged Schiaparelli to act as co-chair; she has historically appeared in gowns with a lot of shine, sparkle, and detail, with the difficulty factor only increasing with each year.

Lady Gaga

met gala lady gaga

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Lady Gaga's love of costuming and drama makes her a perfect fit for the Met Gala. But she's only been to the event a few times, believe it or not. This 2015 look was the first time she walked the red carpet (the theme was "China: Through the Looking Glass"), and it would only get more dramatic from there.

Uma Thurman

met gala uma thurman

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Uma Thurman often wears white to the Met Gala; for her first appearance in 2013, though, she donned this green Zac Posen gown (the theme was "PUNK: Chaos to Couture") that's architectural, cool, and just a tiny bit edgy. It was a strong start for the starlet.

Anna Wintour

met gala Anna wintour

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It only makes sense that the chair of the Met Gala would make this list; while Anna Wintour doesn't exactly wear the most cutting-edge designs, she always looks characteristically posh. In fact, this floral coat is a bit of a surprise for her, given her "no all-black" fashion rule.

Cynthia Erivo

met gala cynthia erivo

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"Cool" doesn't even begin to cover Cynthia Erivo's red carpet style. This is actually her first Met Gala look from 2016 ("Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology"). It's far from the coolest dress she's ever worn, but it's a strong start that would lead to heights of sartorial greatness.

Lily James

met gala Lily James

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Normally I would not be a fan of blunt microbangs, but Lily James is so chic that she pulls them off. This is from the 2023 Met Gala and her all-black leather dress is Tamara Ralph Couture; James can often skew soft and feminine, so this "tough" look is a welcome surprise.

Keke Palmer 

met gala Keke Palmer

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Of this 2024 Met Gala look, Keke Palmer said this Marc Jacobs look represents her "rising from the ashes." She's been to the Gala a few times, but this look clearly appears to be her favorite: “When I wear this dress, I feel like I’m the belle of the ****ing ball,” she said.

Michelle Yeoh

met gala Michelle yeoh

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I really can't get over how much this Balenciaga dress (which Michelle Yeoh wore to the 2024 Met Gala) looks like couture aluminum foil in the best way. This was only her third, back-to-back appearance at the event, but her looks are so show-stopping that she's instantly become an icon of the event.

Gabrielle Union

met gala Gabrielle Union

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Gabrielle Union's first Met Gala appearance was in 2014; by the time she appeared in this Michael Kors mermaid-esque gown a full decade later, it was as a starlet at the height of her fashion powers (and, as a special touch, she coordinated with partner Dwyane Wade).

Sarah Jessica Parker

met gala sarah jessica parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker is Met Gala royalty at this point, and her outfits are often some of the most-discussed looks from the night. This Alexander McQueen from 2006 is one of her finest; Parker walked the carpet with the very shy late designer, who coordinated with her in a matching kilt.

Naomi Campbell

met gala Naomi campbell

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Naomi Campbell, supermodel that she is, can wear the heck out of a gown. This glittery dress from 1995 is probably her finest; it's hard to see in this photo, but it has sheer mesh stripes down the side as an extra design feature. In 2024 she marked her 17th(!) Met Gala, looking as fashionable as ever.

Amanda Seyfried

met gala Amanda Seyfried

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Amanda Seyfried always gives us something new at the Met Gala since she started attending in 2013; 2024 was no exception. Prada crafted this dress from deadstock fabric from their spring 2009 collection—Seyfried had asked the dress be sustainable, and the result was gorgeous.

Lil Nas X

met gala lil nas

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Lil Nas X has only been attending the Met Gala since 2021, but he's made the most out of his time on the carpet (this look was from his first appearance—the gold suit was a dramatic reveal beneath an enormous cape). His 2023 appearance, bedazzled to look like Karl Lagerfeld's cat, was another particular standout.


met gala cher

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In 1974, Cher appeared in what Vogue calls "one of the most famous naked dresses of all time," with designer Bob Mackie on her arm. This was the time before an artfully deployed sequined design was commonplace on the red carpet, and it was so controversial that Time featured her (and the dress) on the cover.

Karlie Kloss

met gala karlie kloss

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Karlie Kloss first graced the Met Gala red carpet in 2009, and she's had a number of looks since that vary in terms of look and feel (she claims she still "rightfully" gets trolled for her 2019 "camp" look). This 2024 Swarovski look has a whopping 240,500 crystals on it.

Janelle Monae

met gala janelle monae

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Janelle Monáe first appeared at the Met Gala in 2011 wearing a top hat and menswear—then it was off to the races with increasingly edgy looks. I'm partial to this 2019 Christian Siriano that makes her look like a Picasso painting. Fun fact: that eye on her chest actually blinks!


met gala lizzo

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While Lizzo has only gone to the Met Gala a few times, she makes the absolute most out of each invitation. I can't help but be entranced by her 2022 appearance, wherein she carried (and played) a rare $55,000 flute, all in a Thom Browne outfit and loooong nails.

Blake Lively

met gala blake lively

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Blake Lively first appeared at the Met Gala in 2008, but—as her invites continued, including as co-chair—she leveled up her outfit game. There are a few to choose from, but this 2018 Versace (that was so big it required a party bus) is opulent in the very best way.


met gala zendaya

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Starting in 2015, Zendaya has been turning heads with her glam Met Gala looks: to the point that she wore two epic gowns in 2024 as co-chair. But nothing will be cooler to me than her 2018 gown—as a feminized Joan of Arc—and Zendaya agrees it's one of her best looks ever.

Bee (Shaffer) Carrozzini

met gala Bee Carrozzini

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When you're Anna Wintour's daughter, you get some absolutely amazing gowns (and you've been invited to the Met Gala since 2004!). Frankly, all of her gowns are epic, although this quietly stunning gown she wore in 2016 is my favorite—and she matched with her mom!

Cardi B

met gala cardi b

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Cardi B takes maximalism to another level, and the Met Gala is the perfect place for her. I can't believe she's only been coming since 2018, because every look she wears is instantly indelible, including this 2024 Windowsen gown that honestly might be the biggest the red carpet's ever seen.


met gala rihanna

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The Met Gala and Rihanna are inextricably linked (she's been coming since 2007), and a big part of the reason is this 2015 dress. I will never forget the time she came to the Gala dressed in what looked a fancy black duvet (that would be 2021), so she's continued to innovate since her big moment.

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