Blake Lively’s “2023 Memories” Instagram Post is Almost as Stunning as She Is

"Only Michael Kors could get me to squeeze into gold sequins way too soon after having a baby."

Blake Lively thanks Michael Kors in a "2023" memories Instagram post.
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Fashion Queen Blake Lively is saying goodbye to 2023 in style.

In one of her "2023 memories" Instagram post, the actress and mother of three shared a series of photos showcasing her rocking a truly stunning Michael Kors gold, sparkling one-piece jumpsuit.

In addition to highlighting the Michael Kors ensemble—which features thick shoulder straps and a trendy flared leg—Lively also showed off her impressive manicure and bold statement jewelry, including large crystal-like earrings and green rings.

"Only @michaelkors could get me to squeeze into gold sequins way too soon after having a baby," Ryan Reynolds' better half captioned the post. "Love you MK✨🪩 ✨ (and yes I low key moonlight as an interior designer but please don’t tell bc I definitely don’t want the world to know that I have a hidden talent which I require external validation on)."

In another "2023 highlights" Instagram post, the proud mom shared a series of photos highlighting a trip to Disneyland Paris, including a couple Magic Kingdom selfies and a picture inside the It's a Small World ride.

To fans' delight, one of the photos featured Lively, a few cast members of Ratatouille, and the mom's portable breast pump

"2023 Highlights: pumping at @disneylandparis 🥛 Cheers Remy," she captioned the carousel.

"Thank you for pumping in public and helping to make a positive change for the next generation of pumping moms out there!" one fan wrote in the comments. "I’m hoping that by the time my daughters become moms they’ll live in a society where moms feel comfortable and empowered to take care of their babies wherever they are. The more people see women breastfeeding in public, the more normal it becomes, so thank you for being a part of that."

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Whether she's rocking a stunning Michael Kors outfit or pumping in public, we stan a Queen who always stays true to herself.

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