Blake Lively Is A Carbon Copy of Her Mom, Elaine, In New Instagram Selfie

Elaine proves in this shot that diamonds are a *mom's* best friend.

Blake Lively and Elaine Lively
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Well, it seems like we were wrong about one thing when it comes to Blake Lively. She doesn't just have two sisters, she has three, as clearly this gorgeous lookalike standing beside her is her older sister, right? There's no way that's her mom, Elaine?

But it's true. Blake posted a selfie of herself with her mom on Instagram and we are stunned by the resemblance between them. Elaine shares Blake's long blonde hair, infectious grin, and bright blue eyes.

She truly got it from her mama!

The selfie was accompanied by a caption: "I would like to replace the term 'hoarder' in favor of 'maximalist.'" Blake wrote. "It makes me feel better. Wonder where I get it from…'Me: mom come take a pic for Tiffany with me. Which necklace do you want to wear?' 'Mom: All of them.' 'Me: no. pick your favorite.' 'Mom: ALL of them.' Turn on The Makeup Light. …the woman wins. Every time. #LockWithLove @tiffanyandco."

What a fun way to promote a brand! If I didn't want Tiffany necklaces before this, I definitely would now.

In the photo, you can see that Elaine is wearing several Tiffany necklaces, while Blake's hand over her mom's shoulder reveals some glittering bracelets.

I guess diamonds are a mom's best friend!

It won't come as any surprise to hear that Elaine was also an actress back in the day before she became a talent manager. Blake's entire family has worked in Hollywood, for that matter. Her father, Ernie, was an actor and director, while her siblings Robyn, Eric, Jason, and Lori are all either actors or directors. Just think of how much fun Thanksgiving at their house must be, especially with Blake's husband, Ryan Reynolds, joining in on the party.

Now, if you will, imagine a film starring Elaine and Blake, where they play the same character in the present day and flashbacks—BRB, calling Netflix immediately!

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