Chrissy Teigen Posted a Photo of Her Breast Milk-Stained Clothes, And Fans Are Praising Her for Normalizing It

Queen Chrissy strikes again.

Chrissy Teigen is seen on August 05, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
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For Chrissy Teigen, there's no other way than to keep it real.

The model welcomed her third child, daughter Esti, earlier this month, and not only did she keep her fans updated throughout her pregnancy, but she is also keeping it up now that she's postpartum.

Teigen posted a fabulous photo of herself on Instagram, wearing a silky black slip dress, an oversized coral cardigan, heeled suede boots and a fedora. It's a totally chaotic outfit, and I love it.

She captioned the post, "omw to bandage together both my wound and 3.8 second clips of Beyonce performing in Dubai until I get a full hbo special," as a reference to her C-section.

But the detail that jumped out the most to fans is the fact that Teigen's dress has visible stains on it, presumably from breast milk. This has made commenters feel seen in their own experiences with pregnancy, which people can so often feel they need to be ashamed of—even though they're so common.

"I’m so glad women now have the freedom to acknowledge .. not hide," one person wrote.

"The milk spots add an extra layer of authenticity to this," said someone else.

"Love that you are normalizing leaking through everything in the first weeks postpartum," wrote another person. "You wake up at night and you’re like 'Is it pee? Is it milk? Or is it sweat?' So many body fluid options. Thank you for sharing."

Someone else said simply, "This is why I pledge my eternal love to you." Yep, we all love ya, Chrissy.

Iris Goldsztajn
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