Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Had a Pants-Free Christmas in NYC

"The best idea."

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
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If there's one thing we know about Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, it's that the duo know how to have fun and make things special for their kids. So it's no surprise, after the addition of two more bundles of joy to their clan, they decided to go big and hit up New York City for Christmas this year. And it was such a good time it not only knocked everyone's socks off—it also knocked off Teigen's pants ahead of dinner, as well.

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Though there are a bevy of beautiful baby photos in the mix here (and a seriously charming video of one enchanted child), it is the photos of Teigen in a bomb-ass, long leather trench covering a wool bralette and panties set (complete with tights because it is COLD in New York right now!) that has gotten the most attention.

With good reason: Teigen looks chic as hell in the get-up, but brings her true-to-form, goofy realness to the subsequent slides that show her slinking, nervously, to the bathroom without her coat on, feeling naked and exposed (even though she was clearly not).

The price we pay for fashion, no?

chrissy teigen nyc christmas 2023

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She even went on to make a joke about the look's warmth in a separate video.

"Aren't you cold?" a friend is heard asking. "No, because I have earmuffs. And gloves!" Teigen replies.

chrissy teigen instagram nyc christmas

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It's a hot look, no? Of course, some people are criticizing her for it, but that's mostly because people are silly and have too much time on their hands over the holidays. Or maybe they're all just deeply caught up on the fact that this look is considered a "coat" rather than a "dress." But this is just as covered up as a winter dress, no? So why are people harping on it?

Oh right, because some people love to judge things that have no impact on them whatsoever. Ah, well! Merry Christmas, anyway!

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