Courteney Cox 'Accidentally' Reveals Her Very Monica-Like Secret Closet

"Erase. The footage. Now. OK?"

Courteney Cox
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Courteney Cox may not remember much from playing Monica Gellar for ten seasons of Friends, but she just revealed that she's much more like her character than she might expect. 

In an hilarious Instagram video, Cox tells the camera (apparently manned by her creative team director, Max Goodrich) that she wants to show off her recently renovated dining room, and begins to walk down a set of stairs to lead the viewers to the newly designed space. 

That's when things take a turn: Cameraman Max pans over to the right where a door is slightly open. Despite Cox's protests to not look inside, the door is opened to reveal piles of discarded boxes, pillows, odds and ends of furniture, and more. Cox scrambles to block the camera, refusing to answer whether the room is her "junk closet," and eventually yells at Max to, "Erase the footage! Now! OK?"

See the video below: 

It's an adorable send-up of a classic Friends scene from season eight, in which notoriously uptight and tidy Monica is revealed to have a secret "messy" closet that she initially attempts to hide from her partner, Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). It's a reference not lost on many of Cox's Instagram followers, who commented references to the scene, including Chandler's slyly accusatory line, "You're messy!"

So it turns out, Courteney Cox may have something in common with Monica after all.