Dolly Parton's Sister Hits Back at Critics of Her Thanksgiving Cheerleading Outfit

Imagine criticizing Dolly Parton?????

Dolly Parton
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Those who thought Dolly Parton couldn't get any more iconic were proven wrong on Thanksgiving, when the country superstar performed at the Dallas Cowboys game Halftime Show in full cheerleading getup.

For a while it seemed everyone loved her star-spangled red, white and blue look, since—duh—it was fabulous, but obviously then the trolls eventually came out of the woodwork to criticize it. Cue eye rolls and also some strong words of defence for Dolly from some of her nearest and dearest.

The singer's sister Stella Parton, 74, took to Twitter to tell Dolly's detractors exactly what she thought of them.

"I personally thought my big sister Dolly was cute as hell in her Dallas Cowboys cheerleading costume at the half time show on Thanksgiving," Stella wrote. "To those of you being so critical of a 77 year old kicking up her heels, I say f*** yourself. Shame on you not her."

According to People, Whoopi Goldberg was also quick to shut down Dolly critics on The View. "Dolly Parton stole the show on Thanksgiving at the Cowboys/Commanders game dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but some critics told her to act her age," Goldberg said on the show, adding simply, "Bite me."

The TV host is a straight shooter just like our beloved Dolly, who recently explained why she refuses to text.

"I’m a low-tech girl in a high-tech world," she told Drew Barrymore. "I don’t want to talk to everybody that wants to talk to me. I don’t text 'cause I don’t want to have to answer." Fair!!!

Dolly Parton

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