Emma Roberts Says Aunt Julia Roberts' Classic Movies Give Her Comfort When She's Alone

"I watch her movies when I'm on location and I'm by myself."

Emma Robert and Julia Roberts attends the Los Angeles premiere of "Jesus Henry Christ" at Mann Chinese 6 on April 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
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Emma Roberts has a few go-to comfort movies for when she's alone and, surprise surprise, a very famous family member is to thank.

In a recent interview withVariety, the American Horror Story star revealed that she capitalizes on her alone time by watching her aunt, Julia Roberts', classic films.

"I watch her movies when I’m on location and I’m by myself. I have movies of hers downloaded on my computer that I watch for comfort," Emma Roberts told the publication at the time. "My Best Friend’s Wedding and America’s Sweethearts are my safe movies."

In addition to relying on her aunt's Hollywood classics, the actress went on to admit that she would love to actually work with her aunt on a movie or television show...but only if it makes sense.

"I would love to find the perfect project for me and my aunt, and I know that there will be something," she explained. But it’s never been the right thing."

Emma Roberts went on to praise her aunt, telling the publication: "She’s the best, and I want to do something with her."

"We send each other books and talk about stuff but it hasn’t been right," she added.

While the 33-year-old actress would love to work with her famous aunt one day, she recently admitted that as a Hollywood star she has never wanted to completely emulate her aunt.

"I never aspired to be [my aunt]," Emma said in a 2022 interview with Tatler ."I love her so much, I love her work, but I'm just doing my own thing."

Emma Roberts has also been very candid about the negative impact of fame, telling Bruc Bozzi during an interview for his Table for Two podcast that she has seen firsthand via her aunt how fame can be terrifying.

“I saw very up close what that really looks like with my Aunt Julia,” she explained at the time. “It’s fun and it’s great, but there is a part of it that’s really scary.”

In an interview that recently resurfaced online, Julia Roberts discussed the ugly side of fame, especially when it presents itself via online social media hate.

"I posted a picture of my niece and I from one weekend morning…having this beautiful morning: It was great, I felt great about it. And my sweet little niece reposted it a couple of days later," Julia Roberts explained, referring to the photo of Emma and Julia playing cards.

"And interesting things happened. The amount of people that felt absolutely required to talk about how terrible I looked in the picture; that I’m not aging well; that I look like a man," she continued. "I was amazed and what that made me feel, and I’m a 60-year-old woman and I know who I am, and still my feelings got hurt. I was so hurt that people couldn’t see the point of it; the sweetness of it; the absolute shining joy of that photo."

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