Sarah Ferguson (AKA Fergie) and Singer Fergie Had the Most Amazing Conversation Over the Black Eyed Peas Star's 2006 Album


Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and singer Fergie arrive at the 2007 Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series on May 17, 2007 in New York City
(Image credit: Photo by Bryan Bedder / Getty)

When Black Eyed Peas singer Stacy Ann Ferguson decided to go by the stage name Fergie, it was confusing enough making sure that everyone knew you weren't talking about Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, when you actually meant "Fergalicious" Fergie.

But when the popstar decided to call her 2006 album The Dutchess, it became even trickier to tell them apart. The album's name was of course a tongue-in-cheek reference to the duchess, which wasn't lost on the royal.

Fergie-the-duchess is currently promoting her new novel A Most Intriguing Lady, and as such appeared on the U.K.'s BBC Radio 2 over the weekend, when she was interviewed by host Rylan Clark.

As a bit, Clark introduced his guest after playing a Black Eyed Peas song. This prompted the royal woman to recall the time in the 2000s when she actually met her namesake, and got her to repay her for making a royal reference in her album title.

"Fergie did do me a huge favor and sang for my charity and raised $1 million," the royal told Clark (via OK!).

"You’re joking?" the host hit back.

Reader, she was not joking.

"I rang her up and said, 'You shouldn’t have called your album The Dutchess. You’re so naughty, you’ll have to sing for your supper,' and she said OK," the royal recalled.

"She came to Wall Street in New York and raised $1 million."

Indeed, Fergie-the-singer performed at the Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series in 2007, and raised this money for the Sarah Ferguson Foundation.

This is far from the first time Sarah Ferguson has told the story of her encounter with Stacy Ann, but you know I'm always grateful for a nice reminder.

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