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15 Fabulous Gifts to Give the Royals-Obsessed Person in Your Life

Because you can't actually give her Prince George.

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Do you know someone who goes absolutely nuts for photos of Princess Charlotte, pretends Queen E is her grandmother (never mind that her real granny is sweet and adorable, too), and woke up at 4 a.m. to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married? (It's okay if that person is you.) We understand the fanaticism. These buttoned-up Brits seem like lovely, charming people, and come with just enough family drama to make them interesting, too, if not relatable. So why not give the royals-obsessed person in your life what she really wants for the holidays: a QE2 bobblehead. Here, we present 15 gifts that will make her as happy as Prince George on a helicopter.

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Luxbon London Pillows

Gifting someone a flight to London isn't in your budget, but these $10 throw pillows are within reason. They feature quintessential British motifs like the Buckingham Palace guards and a double decker bus. Your BFF can cuddle up on one of these pillows the next time she's watching The Crown.

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Queen Elizabeth II's Biography

Cozy up in your favorite nook and dive right into the story of Britain's beloved monarch. You'll be treated to a timeline of her life and learn more about her and the royal family than Wikipedia could possibly teach you. Enjoy your book with a nice cup of tea (may we suggest the set on the next slide?). 

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RoyalTea Tea Gift Set

Sipping a cup of classic English Breakfast tea is a lot less rote when you're staring into the eyes of Queen Elizabeth (or Charles, Camilla, William, or Harry). It kind of looks like they're soaking in a hot tub, doesn't it? I'm giggling already.

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Alex and Ani Crown Charm Bracelet

Tiaras might not be appropriate for everyday wear (no bling before 6 p.m. allowed), but this charm bracelet is. (Though I prefer gold, this accessory also comes in silver.) 

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Queen Elizabeth II Bobblehead

Does her work desk look a little empty? This cheery Queen Elizabeth II bobblehead will brighten up even the most sluggish afternoons, and—unlike flowers and succulents—this figurine needs no green thumb. 

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West Elm Crown Catchall

Give the queen in your life this crown catchall. It can be a jewelry organizer, a key holder, or just a coffee table centerpiece. A useful and low-key gift for the friend who's less outspoken about her obsession.

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Together: Our Community Cookbook
Together: Our Community Cookbook amazon.com
$9.91 (42% off)

Meal prep is more fun when you're making recipes curated by none other than the Duchess of Sussex. This was Meghan Markle's first big charity project since joining the royal family in May, with proceeds supporting those affected by the Grenfell Tower fires last year. So far, 11,000 copies have been sold. Actually, make that 11,001. 

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Princess Diana Wall Art

This Princess Di pop art will stand out on her gallery wall. Is it just me or does the intense glance Diana's giving feel like she's staring deep down into your soul? 

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Royal Bingo

The bingo game features portraits of monarchs from around the world for a regal twist on a traditional game. The accompanying booklet even details the personalities, gaffes, and romances of each royal. If you thought Prince Harry was the world's most eligible royal bachelor back in the day, wait until you learn about Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein.  

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Everlane The Day Market Tote

Yep, you guessed it. This tote bag is the same one Meghan carried when she made her first public appearance with Prince Harry at the 2017 Invictus Games. It can be your work tote, your (super stylish) weekend farmer's market tote, or a fancy diaper bag. Perhaps Meghan will be using it for that last one soon.

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Fancy Teacup & Saucer Set

This beautiful tea set comes with five floral teacups and saucers in pretty pastel colors. Invite your friends over for afternoon tea and chit-chat about the latest royal news. Did you hear that Meghan's mom will be spending Christmas with the royal family?? Pinkies up, everyone. 

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Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boot

Kate Middleton loves her Penelope Chilvers boots and—lucky for every fan out there—they're still available for purchase. These brown riding boots are sturdy and timeless, if that helps you get over the steep price tag. 

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Dapper Dog Corgi Cookie Jar

Anyone who's a fan of the royals knows how much Queen E loves her corgis. This container is perfect for holding biscuits for the furry BFF in your life; if you don't have a pup, human cookies are fine filler, too. Does anyone know the address to Sandringham House? I want to send the Queen this for Christmas.

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The Royal Family Adult Coloring Book

When everyone's passed out post-holiday meal with a food coma (but you're not), reach for your royal family adult coloring book. It's a nice activity to do while watching reruns of Downton Abbey. 

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Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Travel Mug

So what if Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis aren't your children, they're so frickin' adorable! It's totally fine to have their photo printed on your travel mug, right? Right?!

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