Hilary Duff's Daughter Told Her Whole Soccer Team Her Mom Made "Bad Chicken" and Got "Diarrhea"

Kids. Gotta love 'em.

Hilary Duff
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Hilary Duff's daughter Banks, 4, revealed the secrets of her famous mom's digestive tract to her entire soccer camp team—plus the "very good-looking" coach.

Duff actually revealed her daughter's epic betrayal back in August, posting a screenshot of a text she received from her nanny on Instagram Stories with the caption, "Whoaaa! Don't trust your kids! Home girl ousted [sic] me to the soccer coaches" (via Yahoo!).

The text itself read, "Banks told a story at camp...'my mom made bad chicken and now she has diarrhea...that's what happens when you make bad chicken'"

It's unclear what prompted Banks to sell her mom out like that, whether she felt it was an important PSA for her peers, or whether she had no good reason to do it at all. Seth Meyers asked Hilary Duff for her thoughts on the matter when she appeared on his TV show this week.

"What I like is, what happened at soccer camp that she thought, 'I actually have something that will add to the conversation?'" Meyers said.

Duff said, "I don't think she was prompted at all. I think she just walked up—by the way, her soccer coach, very good-looking man. Very good-looking man. And I was at work—thank God I was at work, but my nanny called and said, 'Well, now the whole entire soccer class and coach knows that you ate bad chicken. You made the bad chicken, and now you're paying for the bad chicken. Like, not cool, Banks. And she was like, 'My mom has diarrhea.'"

Meyers felt for his guest and told her, "It's really a double burn, 'cause one you have diarrhea, you don't want people to—but also it's like, 'My mom has diarrhea, and it's her fault.'"

Duff continued, "Yeah, and she undercooked the chicken and almost poisoned us all. No one ate it but me."

Well, at least Banks doesn't criticize her mom's choice in clothes or décor. Small wins!

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