Is Taylor Swift at the 2023 Met Gala?

The singer is currently on the U.S. leg of her "Eras" tour.

2022 Toronto International Film Festival - In Conversation With... Taylor Swift
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Are you ready for… Taylor Swift’s appearance at the 2023 Met Gala? It’s not confirmed that the “Anti-Hero” singer will attend the charity ball. Obviously, her schedule is packed due to the fact that she’s performing 52 shows in less than five months while on the “Eras” tour. Combine that with the fact that she hasn’t gone to the event since 2016 and the odds of her making a surprise appearance are looking a little…slim.

However, the question of whether Swift will attend the 2023 Met Gala isn’t as simple as a yes or no. It was recently reported that Swift and Joe Alwyn split after six years together and she’s since been photographed in New York City with friends like Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim.

According to People, the breakup was fairly amicable. “They've had rough patches before and always worked things out, so friends thought they would take some time apart but eventually come back together," a source told the outlet, adding that "ultimately" Swift and Alwyn "weren't the right fit for one another."

If Swift is enjoying her free time in New York City while entering a new single era (pun intended), there’s a chance she could want to go to an event she hasn’t been to in years. Plus, her next show is in Nashville on May 5, so she’d have plenty of time to fly to Tennessee after the Met Gala to prep for the concert.

The rumor is Swift and Alwyn actually met at the Met Ball in 2016. She alluded to this in the song, “Dress." Maybe it's time for the pop star to make new memories at the event. A fan can hope!

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