Uhhh, Is Taylor Swift Entering Her Concert Stage in a Janitor's Cart?

Did not have this on my bingo card, etc., etc.

Taylor Swift attends the 65th GRAMMY Awards on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
(Image credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

When you're as huge of a celebrity as Taylor Swift is, you can't be spotted chilling willy-nilly around your concert venue as you prepare to take the stage.

Thankfully, Ms. Swift and her Eras tour team seem to have come up with a perfect—if bizarre—solution: The Midnights singer apparently enters the stage by being pushed inside a decoy janitor's cart with mop heads poking out of the top. No, I know.

While this was originally believed to just be a baseless fan theory, new video evidence is now making it look like this is genuinely Swift's tour strategy, and wow...

The video below seems to show the singer exiting the cart onto the stage wearing one of her glittery outfits.

And because Taylor Swift fans are very serious people, many have shared what can only be described as mini dissertations about the physics of these stage entrances.

"Welcome back to tour equipment 101. Yes that is very clearly Taylor swift but not for the reasons y’all are saying. Yes clearly there is not a cart of cleaning supplies on tour. But the other main indicator isn’t actually that it’s too heavy but that it’s too light," one person wrote.

I mean, I'm not particularly science-minded, but that seems to stand ground to me.

And now that we know *the truth* people are of course making jokes about the whole situation.

"These two men carrying the entire music industry," tweeted one person alongside a photo of the cart being pushed.

Someone else wrote, "So when Taylor Swift hangs out in a cleaning supply cart it’s cool and artsy but when I do it I’m 'drunk' and need to 'go to bed.'"

So that's that!

Iris Goldsztajn
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