Jennifer Lopez’s Mother and Sisters Are Reportedly Encouraging Her to “Get On with Her Life” Apart from Husband Ben Affleck

“It’s taken too much of a toll on her.”

Jennifer Lopez is seen on June 29, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
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Jennifer Lopez’s family is reportedly encouraging Lopez to “file for divorce first and get on with her life” when it comes to her husband Ben Affleck, The Daily Mail reports. Lopez and Affleck will celebrate their second wedding anniversary on July 16—well, maybe?—and since May 6, when Affleck skipped the Met Gala (which Lopez was co-chairing), rumors of an impending breakup have been circulating. That said, we reported recently that Lopez and Affleck have been over for potentially even longer than that, having parted ways back in March, according to reports.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Lopez and Affleck have reportedly been over, at least in some capacity, since March.

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Now, according to The Daily Mail, Lopez’s mother and sisters are pushing her to “move on to avoid getting any deeper in this mess,” a source said, adding that Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, “told her, ‘Cut your losses’” and that Lopez “wasted years believing that Ben was some kind of knight in shining armor,” they said. “He was not the person she built him up to be. It’s taken too much of a toll on her, and because of this, she has lost sight of who she is and what she stands for.”

Lopez’s sisters Leslie Ann and Lynda apparently share their mother’s concerns, and “Jennifer currently feels like Ben does not deserve her, and her sisters agree,” they added. “They want Jennifer to be happy, of course, but they feel their sister is getting so caught up in what it was supposed to be that she isn’t seeing it for what it is now. They want her to file for divorce first and get on with her life—focus on her kids and career.”

Jennifer Lopez and her mother, Guadalipe Rodriguez

Lopez and her mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez, who is reportedly encouraging her daughter to move on with her life.

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After two decades apart following their engagement in the early aughts, Lopez and Affleck reunited as a couple in 2021 and became engaged for the second time the next year, tying the knot three months after Affleck popped the question. They married for a second time in August 2022, this time in front of family and friends at Affleck’s estate in Georgia. (Their first wedding, in July, was in Las Vegas.)

“It’s upsetting to her family and Jennifer that Ben cannot see there is a woman who is loved by millions that will love him eternally—but he would rather throw in the towel than actually just try to fix things,” the source added.

Jennifer Lopez and Lynda Lopez

Lopez and one of her sisters, Lynda, in 2022; they also have another sister, Leslie Ann, not pictured.

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Jennifer Lopez and Lynda Lopez

The sisters in 2019, as Lopez was filming "Hustlers."

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Rodriguez’s current feelings about Affleck “mark a significant U-turn by Lopez’s mom, who last year revealed on national television that she ‘prayed’ for two decades for her daughter to reconcile” with Affleck, The Daily Mail reports. In an interview with Savannah Guthrie on Today, Rodriguez said “I knew that they would always get back together, because I prayed for 20 years.”

This admission stunned Lopez, who said “It’s so funny, she never said that to me. We never spoke about it.” Lopez added “She really loved him when we were together before.”

Jennifer Lopez, Guadalupe Rodriguez, and Lynda Lopez

Rodriguez, as any mother does, wants what's best for her daughter.

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But now? Well, her priority no doubt remains with her daughter’s best interests—as it should be.

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