Julia Fox's Newest Hair Color Is Brought to You, Seriously, by Velveeta Mac and Cheese

Fox is "living a life that's La Dolce Velveeta."

Julia Fox with Velveeta curls
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If you've ever wanted your hair to be compared to mac and cheese, Julia Fox's stylist has just the look for you.

The actress is known for her bold fashion statements and out-of-the-box makeup looks, and her latest hair color is no exception. "Julia and I were both pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the gold color is," John Novotny, Fox's hairstylist, told People. "It's a warmer yellow [reminiscent of] a warm sunny day or delicious bowl of mac and cheese."

In fact, the dye color is literally called "Velveeta Gold," with Novotny explaining it's inspired by the Kraft product's "supremely creamy and melty goodness." Fox debuted the new hue at a New York Knicks game on Sunday, pairing a cone-shaped leather bra top and furry yellow coat with—what else?—a Velveeta box handbag.

Julia Fox wearing Velveeta Outfit

Julia Fox's new Velveeta look

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Of course, Fox has experimented with plenty of hair colors and styles in the past few years. From an icy gray-blonde look to a long mullet, it's never a dull hair moment for the Uncut Gems star.

Julia Fox in Velveeta outfit

Julia Fox with Velveeta-inspired curls and bag

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"Julia is the absolute queen of self-expression and always exudes confidence, which is on par with living a life that's La Dolce Velveeta," Novotny said to People. "She marches to the beat of her own drum and is all about living life to the fullest and embracing outrageous pleasure every day."

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