Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Be "Summoned" After Taking a Helicopter Against the Queen's Wishes, Claims Royal Expert

HM is not a fan of their preferred travel method.

Queen Elizabeth Kate Middleton
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Oops! They did it again.

It sounds like Prince William and Kate Middleton may be in trouble after they traveled in a helicopter with their kids again, even though the Queen has reportedly made it clear on several occasion that she is not a fan of this particular habit of theirs.

It was reported in December that the monarch had had "several conversations" with the Duke of Cambridge about his and his family's helicopter use, and was "terrified" of an accident happening—especially, morbidly, while he and his children (who are all next in line to the throne after him) were all on board.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, word got around that the Cambridges were using fewer helicopters these days, because the Queen "felt uncomfortable about the entire family traveling by helicopter."

But that theory was soon pushed aside when the little family was spotted jetting off on the kids' summer vacation, aboard yet another chopper.

Now, royal expert Neil Sean is predicting that the Queen will likely be having a word with her grandson and his wife when they're back from their trip.

"It looks like Prince William and Catherine have defied orders from the Queen," Sean said on his YouTube channel (via Express).

"This week they were seen boarding a helicopter in the back area of Kensington Palace as they enjoy a short holiday."

He added, "This left the Queen concerned. It is a royal protocol for people to travel in separate aircraft for very obvious safety reasons.

"Apparently the Queen spoke rather firmly to William about this. But on this occasion, perhaps it slipped his mind.

"When Prince William and Catherine return back from their short break, they will be summoned to Windsor to explain the cause of their actions."

We should probably wait and see whether that alleged summons actually materializes, but either way, the Cambridges might need to start rethinking their means of travel.

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