Why Kate Middleton Wore White to Mark Windrush Day: Body Language Expert

It shows discretion and humility.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Mark Windrush Day
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Since so much of the work the Duchess of Cambridge does is public-facing, what she wears matters enormously in establishing the image she projects to people.

As a lover of fashion and a seasoned royal, Kate Middleton has mastered the art of choosing just the right outfit (aided by a styling team, of course) for each event she attends, and her latest appearance on the occasion of Windrush Day was no different.

"Kate’s choice of clothing always gives away how she wants to be perceived at a certain engagement," body language expert Darren Stanton tells Marie Claire on behalf of Slingo.

"Here she is wearing white, her go-to color for neutrality. She wears white when she is trying to deflect attention away from herself or wants to ensure all eyes are on William instead.

"White is also the colour she chooses when she attends more solemn and respectful events and she wants the attention to be focused purely on the event itself."

On the day, which celebrates the Caribbean-British community—and in particular those who immigrated to the U.K. as part of the Windrush Generation—the duchess chose to wear a white suit by Alexander McQueen, which she, significantly, first wore in Jamaica earlier this year.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Belize, Jamaica And The Bahamas - Day Five

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"Although her outfit choice allowed her to take a backseat from the spotlight, that didn’t stop Kate from exuding confidence and her power suit is reflective of the self-assurance she now has when carrying out her royal duties," Stanton continues.

"It’s also telling from her body language how Kate wants to ensure she gives everyone equal attention.

"For instance, there was a point where we saw Kate interacting with William and another guest—she stood in between the two clutching her bag and her body was facing forward instead of turned towards who was speaking.

"This shows Kate was unconsciously keen to ensure both parties were just as involved in the conversation and her attentions were not directed to a certain individual.”

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Mark Windrush Day

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