Kelly Osbourne Shares She Had "Biggest Fight" With Sid Wilson Over Son Sidney's Name

But they seem to have sorted it out now.

Kelly Osbourne and Sid Wilson of Slipknot attend the 66th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California
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Kelly Osbourne has opened up about the biggest argument she's ever had with her partner Sid Wilson—and it was over their baby son Sidney's last name.

"This is personal, and I didn't expect to ever talk about this, but I'm going to. It's the biggest fight me and my baby's father have ever, ever, ever had, and probably ever, ever will was over naming our son," Kelly told her parents Ozzy and Sharon on their podcast The Osbournes.

"I wanted our son to have both of our last names, and he wouldn't let me. We had a huge fight. I feel that I was forced into doing something I didn't wanna do, and I can never ever forgive him for that, but we can move on."

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Kelly and Sid—a musician from the heavy metal band Slipknot—have been dating since 2022, and welcomed their baby boy later that year. The child shares his father and grandfather's first name, but his dad wanted him to be called Sidney Wilson, while Kelly wanted to add "Osbourne" into the mix.

"Right now, my son doesn't have a double-barreled last name," she explained. "But, after lots of eye-opening conversations and some couples therapy, he has seen the light, and we are going to legally change our son's name to have both of our last names."

She continued, "We both made our child, so he should have both of our last names."

Though Kelly admitted she couldn't "forgive" her boyfriend over this issue, she defended him by saying, "But you have to remember, Sid comes from a really traditional English family."

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