Kristen Stewart Secured an Oscar Nomination for Her Portrayal of Princess Diana in 'Spencer'

Nobody is surprised.

Kristen Stewart
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Congrats, Kristen Stewart! Although the actress has been a household name since she first graced our screens as Twilight's Bella Swan, she is only now celebrating her first Oscar nomination.

The nomination—for best actress in her role as Princess Diana in Spencer—will come as no great shock for anyone who has been following the buzz around the biopic. Stewart, rightly, has been poised for an Oscar nom ever since the movie first hit international film festivals. It even received a standing ovation during the Venice Film Festival.

This is a huge deal for Stewart, especially considering that she snagged Spencer's only 2022 Oscar nomination. The BAFTAs completely snubbed the movie, which is pretty ironic if you consider that Prince William, Diana's eldest son, is involved in the awards.

The Duke of Cambridge isn't the only one who is far from being a fan of Pablo Larraín's movie. His younger brother Prince Harry was also recently reported to intend on skipping the Oscars so he wouldn't run into the actress who portrayed their mother. "He's pretty appalled by the film," a source told OK! U.S., adding, "He's actually thinking about skipping the Oscars, but Meghan really wants back into the Hollywood scene."

As for Stewart herself, she has commented at length about what it was like embodying the People's Princess, and how much of a connection she felt to the late royal. "If I could go back in time or have her back for a moment and ask her anything, I wouldn’t," she recently told Vanity Fair. "I’d just be like, 'Dude, can I hang out with you? Do you want to just be together for a moment?' She needed that so badly."

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