Lance Bass Says *NSYNC Reunion Talks Are Happening

But wait a minute now!

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Lance Bass says that they "are talking about it." What, exactly, is it? Why, the seemingly incessantly teased, almost-inevitable *NSYNC reunion that's haunted (fueled?) Millennials for decades.

While taking part in a game show where users can get their rent paid for by guessing answers correctly, Bass was asked by the host about what it was like to reunite with his bandmates JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and, uh, I think Justin Timberlake is the last one's name at the MTV VMAs earlier this year—"it was nice to get back together with those guys"—but the conversation quickly turned to bigger plans

To which Bass was surprisingly, gamely, plain about the prospect. "Look, we are talking about it, and I am hoping to have some good news about it at some point," he said. When pressed about how soon—the next few months, perhaps?—Bass was a bit more vague.

"Give us a little bit more time than that," he chuckled.

Throwing a wrinkle into all of this, however, was TMZ's source on the matter, who seemed to contradict Bass' claims. "Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ there are still no official talks or plans for *NSYNC to reunite ... despite what Lance is saying here," the website stated. "Our sources add there's no possibility of a tour, album, or residency happening anytime soon either."

Now listen, we are no inside expert or source behind the scenes. We are little more than a Millennial with a former *NSYNC obsession and more than twenty years experience working in music, media, and entertainment. We are just another cog in the capitalist machine that is America, but because of that we can say with certainty: the second these guys find a dollar amount that satisfies every pocket—or, say, career image rehabilitation, ahem—involved, it will happen. It is the way of these things. It is how nostalgia operates. That is what all of this is about: testing the waters and building the hype.

...Or waiting to see how that new Justin Timberlake solo album does, huh?

Alicia Lutes
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