'Mean Girls' Actor Jonathan Bennett Got Married NOT on October 3rd

Pretty rude, TBH.

Jaymes Vaughan (L) and Jonathan Bennett speak onstage during the Times Square New Year's Eve 2022 Celebration on December 31, 2021 in New York City
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Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, married his love, actor Jaymes Vaughan.

You would think these two would be kind enough to choose October 3rd as their wedding date—purely for the LOLs and my personal benefit—but nOoOoo. They got married in MARCH. It's like they don't even care?

Anyway, I am JK, and I extend my sincerest congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple. They spoke to People about the gorgeous ceremony, which they held in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and also shared exclusive photos with the magazine.

"When you're part of the LGBTQ+ fam, not everything in the wedding space is for you yet," Vaughan told the outlet. "The whole purpose of our wedding is to come together and join the two of us together, join our families together and start a new family."

Bennett added, "And all that, as we were going through this process, we realized that our wedding is also more than just about us. It's about the entire community."

The wedding party all wore black and white tuxes throughout the celebrations.

"It's gender-neutral but everyone looks represented and feels sexy in their own way," Bennett said. "So it's like a new tradition for the community. You don't have to do dresses and tuxes. Anyone who wants to wear a tux, wear a tux, go for it."

All in all, it sounds like it was a beautiful—and very emotional—day. "I got to marry my best friend!" Vaughan said. "I knew we'd be emotional but I don't think either of us realized just how overwhelming that moment would be until we were in it. Seeing him crying only made me cry harder, and then our guests cry harder, and then we'd all start laughing, and then all back into crying."

Bennett and Vaughan started dating in 2017 and got engaged in 2020. They have a dog together, whose name I'm pretty sure is Yasss (absolutely incredible effort), but who alternately goes by Brad, Rudolph and Eggnog.

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