Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are True Soulmates, According to a Psychic and a Vedic Astrologer

They were right!!!

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly attend the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center
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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, newly engaged, have been talking about being "twin flames" for ages—and it turns out they're actually not wrong.

"When it comes to love, Megan, and Machine Gun Kelly, are both Taurus," spiritual coach and psychic Samantha Jayne tells Marie Claire. "Together they are capable of loving each other at a whole new level, this is because they understand each other. They will have from day one strongly felt that they belong together, a feeling neither would have been able to deny. Almost addictive!"

For the psychic, the actress and rapper are totally meant to be, and theirs will continue to be a beautiful (though at times mind-boggling) love story. "Looking at their soul paths, it is clear that they are definitely a soulmate couple, and their engagement comes as no surprise to me," she continues. "They have come together in love, to heal, to release negativity and find peace in their heart as they love each other deeply."

Relationship expert and Vedic astrologer Rhian Kivits also believes that this is a couple destined for longevity. "Megan and MGK’s Vedic Astrology charts reveal that they’re true destiny partners and indicate that they’ll enjoy a passionate, resilient relationship that will stand the test of time," Kivits tells Marie Claire. "There are a number of past-life indicators in their charts that suggest they are each exactly the partner that the other has been seeking."

For Kivits, the lovebirds aren't similar in every aspect, but are certainly complementary. "[Megan] teaches the lessons of self-discipline and commitment that are vital for MGK, whose rule-breaking, rebellious nature can cause problems in his life," she explains. "She brings a transformational energy to the relationship because she is unafraid to see him for who he is at his core.

"Saturn sits in Megan’s 12th house of liberation. It is in this relationship that Megan finally feels free, as if everything that’s occurred on her journey makes sense. Her longing for, and fascination with, this man is spiritual, ethereal and eternal."

But just because Fox and MGK are such a great match doesn't mean their relationship will be easy—in fact, they have already admitted to going through it together. "Like any other couple, they are going to need to work at this relationship," Samantha Jayne says. "Megan is going to stand next to him through various situations to earn his trust. I get a sense that this has already happened, but by doing so she will get to see and to enjoy the whole of Machine Gun Kelly. The man she has definitely fallen in love with. It could be a bumpy road at times and communication will need to be worked on."

The psychic adds that MGK seems to find opening up difficult. "I am shown that communication especially around emotions may need improving and I feel that this is him," she says.

Kivits also explains that the two likely have different conflict styles, but should be able to come together in the end, and only grow stronger.

Samantha Jayne and Kivits both agree with body language expert Andy Coley, who previously told Marie Claire that the couple will stand the test of time.

As for when we'll get to see what promises to be an unusual and jaw-dropping wedding, Samantha Jayne has an inkling: "I feel a wedding taking place over the next two years!" I'll be waiting for my invite.

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