Megan Fox Just Got a New Tattoo on Her Entire Arm—and Already Has Second Thoughts

“I just got one that I don’t like that I have to rework.”

Megan Fox
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Megan Fox’s new book of poetry, Pretty Boys are Poisonous, came out on Tuesday, and to promote it, she is doing the promotional rounds, including an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. Fox—who has more than 20 tattoos—opened up to Barrymore yesterday about which piece of ink she regrets, one that she got recently.

“I just got one that I don’t like that I have to rework,” she said. “It’s my entire arm, so, not a big deal,” she added sarcastically. “But that will be fine. We’re going to save that one.”

Megan Fox promoting her new book

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Fox didn’t divulge why the tattoo needed reworking—and People reports that she may have had the tattoo done between her New York City book reading on November 7 (where she was photographed with bare arms) and her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, which aired Friday.

“As they [the tattoos] get older, you regret them because they just don’t look good anymore because they oxidize,” Fox said. “It’s not words you want associated with your body, ever.”

Megan Fox onstage promoting her new book

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Some of Fox’s 20-plus tattoos are visible, while some are hidden in more risqué places, like the star-and-moon-speckled snake on her hip that extends to her bikini line—strategically placed to cover up the tattoo dedicated to her ex-husband Brian Austin Green (with whom she shares three children).

Some of Fox’s art is dedicated to her favorite quotes, People reports, including the words “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” from William Shakespeare’s 1606 play King Lear. She also has 19 dainty fine-line tattoos on her fingers, the outlet reports, and some of her ink matches that of her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, like “the two voodoo dolls with pinned hearts and visible stitches on each of their respective ring fingers,” People writes. Fox also has a “The darkest fairy tale” stamp on her forearm, “which alludes to the first text message the couple sent each other,” the outlet reports. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly on a red carpet

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Fox’s tattoos are one way she expresses her personal style; another is through her choice of vibrant hairstyles. Fox chose to switch it up to a fiery red bob to promote her new book, showcased earlier this week as she took the stage at Racket in New York City for a special book reading on the day it came out, November 7. For her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos decided to add what appeared to be clip-on bangs.

“For Megan’s look today in NY I wanted to create something iconic inspired by the beautiful red hair of Linda Evangelista,” Giannetos explained on Instagram of the inspiration behind the butterfly clip-adorned look. “I wanted to add a modern element to match Megan’s personality.”

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