'Meghan & Harry' Netflix Doc Could Not Drop on a "More Impactful Day," Astrologer Says

It's all in the stars.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix docuseries is inching towards its Dec. 8 release, and its timings tell us a lot about what we can expect.

Not only did the first trailer drop during Prince William and Princess Kate's Boston visit, and not only does the second half of the episodes drop on the day of Kate's Christmas carol concert, but apparently the star alignment could make Harry & Meghan extra explosive, according to an astrologer.

"The long-awaited Meghan and Harry documentary could not have picked a more impactful day to drop," Inbaal Honigman tells Marie Claire.

"It's as if the release date was picked by an astrologer, for maximum impact, and for changing conversations, from the frivolous to the serious. From the random to the highbrow. And from the implied to the explicit."

If you're wondering what makes Honigman say that, she explains exactly what's happening astrologically which makes this such an auspicious—or unfortunate, depending on your perspective—time to release the docuseries.

"During the month of December, three planets are moving from adventurous Sagittarius to mature Capricorn," she says.

"First Mercury, planet of communication, is making the switch on the 6th, just before the doc is released.

"Then Venus, planet of love and the home is moving on the 9th, and finally the main character of the solar wheel, the Sun, changes on the 21st."

She continues, "Each of those planets will change something different, in the same manner. As Mercury switches, conversation around the series, assumptions and predictions that start off as wild guesses will become more grounded ideas.

"When Venus moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, entire households will change from just feeling for the people involved, to actually worrying for them.

"And as the Sun makes the change, no one will have random ideas about the Sussexes anymore—everyone will have watched the most critical parts, and there will be a massive shift in how the world views the family."

Honigman also observes that while the world loves to comment on Meghan Markle these days, it's Prince Harry who could become the main subject of conversation among royal watchers following the release.

'Harry and Meghan' on Netflix

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"Furthermore, Sagittarius is a fire sign, like Meghan, who is Leo," she says.

"Capricorn is an earth sign, like Harry who is Virgo, and his ascendant happens to be Capricorn.

"The shift in the heavens, between a massive fire representation and to a critical earth representation, means that the focus will shift from being mainly on Meghan, and onto Prince Harry.

"The unwavering attention that she has endured will transition to her husband, and the eyes of the world will be on him for a change."

But these astrological events don't just have implications for the royals themselves, Honigman claims; they will also impact viewers of the series.

"The day of release is actually the Full Moon, which will cause spectacular impact," she says. "Every person will think they know exactly what's gone on and everyone will feel strong emotions about the series."

She continues, "This full moon happens to be in Gemini, which is a sign of entertainment, wit and versatility, and so it's fair to assume that some scenes in the documentary would be seen as false—created after the fact or illustrated with images that don't necessarily suit the narrative.

"What makes it even more interesting is that at this time, Mars, planet of war, is in Gemini too! And, as if that weren't enough, it's also in retrograde. This means that the documentary makers would go to war against any accusations of falsehoods—even if those accusations are verifiable."

I'm truly, truly on the edge of my seat.

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