Meghan Markle Went on a Secret Santa Barbara Shopping Trip

She got a whole hour of normalcy.

meghan markle
(Image credit: Getty Images)

One of the main reasons Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to the U.S. was to try to live a more normal life. And while it’s unclear if they’ll ever be able to experience true normalcy, Meghan got at least an hour of it this week when she went on a shopping trip in Montecito totally incognito. 

In photos obtained by the Daily Mail (see them here), Meghan was secretly photographed popping around to stores in a chic, color-coordinated brown ensemble topped with LeSpecs sunglasses and a KN95 mask. The coat, according to the publication, is Mossimo Dutti and her adorable tan boots are Tamara Mellon. 

According to the Mail, Markle went into Santa Barbara staple Pierre LaFond with one bodyguard, and emerged half an hour later with two bags in tow, while the bodyguard carried a new, folded up blanket in a plastic bag. After putting the finds in the car, Meghan went by herself to the children’s boutique Poppy, and later the home furnishing store Hudson Grace. She then went back into a waiting car and, presumably, went home to the fam. 

According to an outsider that spoke to the Mail, “There was a franticness to her shopping, like she was just itching to get out and be somewhat normal.” Which is understandable, frankly! 

Last-minute Christmas shopping aside, Harry and Meghan’s other holiday plans are reportedly up in the air. While there were rumors circulating that they may use Christmas as an opportunity to introduce their daughter, Lilibet Diana, to her great-grandmother for the first time, the Omicron variant has forced the Queen to cancel her yearly pre-Christmas luncheon at Windsor Castle, suggesting that other gathering plans may also be on the chopping block. According to the New York Times, the Sussexes are not expected to make the trip to England this year after all.

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