Meghan Markle Is No Longer "Rehashing Old Issues" Following 'Variety' Interview, Royal Commentator Says

She's ready to forgive and forget.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, for Variety
(Image credit: Courtesy of Variety)

Meghan Markle did not have an easy time as a senior royal.

She has previously spoken about many of the difficult experiences she dealt with, including her struggle with suicidal ideation as well as racist prejudice, and none of this is easy to heal from.

Still, one royal commentator believes that the Duchess of Sussex now feels ready to close that chapter of her life and look to the future instead, based on quotes from her recent Variety cover interview.

"She talks about the institution of the monarchy which I thought was really interesting," Rachel Bowie said on the Royally Obsessed podcast (via Express).

"She's asked, 'going through the process you did with the monarchy and then becoming a private citizen again, are those institutions similar?'

"This is in reference to Hollywood and the monarchy.

"She talks about how much has changed in Hollywood. She said, 'as complex as an organization might be, there is always something in it that I think is positive and it is important to focus on that.'"

For Bowie, this was a stark contrast to Markle's interview with The Cut this summer, in which she revealed that she hadn't signed a non-disclosure agreement, and could essentially reveal what she wanted about the Royal Family. In response, royal reporter Roya Nikkhah called the duchess' words "thinly veiled threats."

Bowie commented, "It is kind of a direct turnaround from The Cut when she said, 'I never signed anything, I can say whatever I want.'

"Now she is saying there is always something that is positive, almost coming to terms with what happened, I think.

"I think a lot of the criticism was that she was really dragging and rehashing old issues in every interview and it felt like, 'here we are again talking about how everything went wrong.'"

For Bowie, the duchess may now be ready to talk about what's right instead. Happy for her!

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