Beyonce's New Video Is a Glorious, Pantsless, Hotel Room Party

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Happy Friday!

Love, Beyoncé

To kick off your weekend, the Queen has just released the video for her new track "7/11" and it is a glorious, underwear-filled hotel party.

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Where to begin with this magic? It starts off harmless enough: There's Beyoncé on a hotel balcony in a Kale sweatshirt (it's from Sub_Urban Riot and you can buy it here for $48) and some underwear dancing around. Spinning on top of a room service lid? Beyoncé makes it look adorable.

Then the party moves inside.

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There are red solo cups, fur coats, messy piles of clothes (Beyoncé is messy too!?), Blue Ivy (only for a second at :58), and some twerking that, truth be told, made me squeal. Then Beyoncé dials HER FOOT.

She drops dice on one of her backup dancer's asses.

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There are airbrushed American Apparel undies that say "Smack It" and, yes, we, like you, are already contemplating how to get to a boardwalk to one of those t-shirt shops for custom Beyoncé-approved underwear.

To quote a friend who just watched this magic, "I watched it. I lived. Died. And was reborn."

Beyoncé always and forever. *Bow down, bitches.*

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