Taylor Swift's New Song "Gorgeous" Is One Part New Taylor, Two Parts Old Taylor

But it's worth a listen.

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On Thursday night, Taylor Swift dropped the third song from her Reputation era. Like everything she's ever released (but especially everything she's released since purging her social media footprint), she teased the track on Instagram.

The teaser alone had fans salivating, even with the very October-appropriate, creepy child voice in the promo:

Now, the full song is out, complete with lyric video and it's actually a nice bridge between the allegedly-deceased Old Taylor and the snake-clad New Taylor.

Yes, the lyric video stays true to the Reputation aesthetic—complete with faded cross-sections of newsprint (the media covers Taylor a lot, thus impacting her reputation, in case you hadn't heard). Yes, there are boldly sexy references that would make even previously sexiest Taylor, 1989 Taylor, blush. There are also sweet notes and references to spying a stranger across a crowded room and the whole song is, at its core, about being smitten (even though Narrator Taylor had a boyfriend at the time).

All in all, "Gorgeous" feels like New Taylor's take on Old Taylor's sugary unrequited love ballad, "Enchanted."

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