Miley Went Buck Wild at Alexander Wang's After-Party

And nearly buck naked.

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After Alexander Wang showed his sportif Spring 2015 collection, Miley Cyrus got up to some games of her own.

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According to Paper Magazine, the Disney star in a constant state of rebranding arrived at the celebratory warehouse rager wearing sequined nipple tassels and some gnarly-looking glitter across her collarbone. (Aside: Why free the nipple when you can adhere an ice-cream-cone-shaped pasty to it?) There, she chain-smoked weed, twerked, obligingly posed with fans, and made out with the host/guest of honor.

Just like how the keeping-it-on-the-DL part of event the went off like an organized crime operation—the DJs didn't even know who they were spinning for until the buses rolled in—so did the Miley-being-Miley part.

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